The Benefits of Resveratrol

The Benefits of Resveratrol

Posted by Nurse Mary on 24th Feb 2019

I have been doing some research on a little know nutrient that is amazing for the cells in the body. Resveratrol - Here is what I have learned about it: 

Resveratrol has health benefits

First noted as an active ingredient in red wine, Resveratrol has been identified as a key natural material known to moderate inflammation.

Results may vary. When taken with a spectrum of minerals, cellular nutrition is enhanced.*

Resveratrol - Boost Your Cells!

Resveratrol's benefits include:

  • Balancing the blood pressure
  • Protecting the brain by protecting the nerve cells from damage
  • Has a positive effect on "good" HDL Cholesterol in the body
  • Improving Insulin Sensitivity
  • Decreasing inflammation in the body and joints
  • has been know to change gene expression in the cells and inhibit the spread of hormone-dependent cancers
  • It is a Powerful Antioxidant! It may help slow the aging process of our cells*

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