Trace Minerals Research

  • Ionic Zinc Ionic Zinc

    Ionic Zinc

    Ionic Zinc 50 mg per serving  2 oz. Liquid Ionic Zinc is a rich concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides zinc in ionic form – the form most widely recognized by the body...
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  • CBD Go-Pak 20 Packets of CBD per box

    CBD Go-Pak

    CBD Go-Pack  is a full spectrum CBD delivering  20 mg CBD per serving Berry Lemonade Flavor 20 - packets per box.  Suggested Use of CBD Go-Pak Taket 1 packet daily or as directed...
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  • Z Mag Oil

    Z Mag Oil

    Zechstein Magnesium Oil 4 Fl. OZ (118 ml)  Z Mag Oil has 100mg of Pure Elemental Magnesium per 5 sprays Ultra Pure, 100% Natural. NO Parabens, Fragrance, or Dyes. Not Tested On Animals...
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  • Ionic Magnesium 400 mg - TraceMinerals

    Ionic Magnesium

    Ionic Magnesium 400 mg per serving (can take upto)  2 oz. Non-GMO Project Verified Aids in absorption of calcium† Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system† Can help...
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  • Natural Rest by Trace Mineral Naturals Natural Reat

    Natural Rest Plus

    NaturalRest Plus+ A natural nighttime relaxing formula to support a restful night's sleep.† 60 tab Herbs Enzymes ConcenTrace® GABA L-Theanine Calcium Vegan It’s...
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  • Greens Pak by Trace Mineral Naturals Greens Pak

    Greens Pak

    30 Packets Green Foods Vegetables Fruits Super Fruits Fiber Antioxidants Enzymes Probiotics ConcenTrace® Contains over 50 different super foods! Contains certified organic...
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  • Optimal pH by Trace Mineral Naturals Optimal pH


    Optimal-pH Helps maintain a healthy pH in the body† 1 oz Non-GMO Project Verified Helps oxygenate the cells† Contains over 72 ionic trace minerals from...
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  • Power Pak Power Pak

    Power Pak

    Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak 1200 mg of Vitamin C! 30 packets Suggested Use Take 1 packet daily. Open packet, mix contents with 4-6 oz. of water and enjoy. Additional packets may be taken...
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