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Mary Howard RN

What is a Bio-Meridian Scan?

What is a Bio-Meridian scan and What Does it do? It is testing the electrical magnetic field of the body and it does it through what is known as acupuncture points or Meridian points. Hence the name of the equipment is a Bio Meridian scan This will measure all these points and show us where there are [...]

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Get your Bio-Meridian Scan Appointment Today

Evelyn does the Bio-Meridian scans. The scan is extremely helpful in figuring out what is out of balance in your body. I love the bio-meridian scan because it takes the guess work out of what supplements I should take. Evelyn continues to do many scans each week. It is best to text her or leave her a [...]

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The Benefits of Resveratrol

I have been doing some research on a little know nutrient that is amazing for the cells in the body. Resveratrol - Here is what I have learned about it: Resveratrol has health benefitsFirst noted as an active ingredient in red wine, Resveratrol has been identified as a key natural material known to moderate inflammation.Results may [...]

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4 Lotions - Face, Feet, Immune, Relax

We have 4 new lotions out complete with the recipe on the jar so you can try them to see if you like them and then make them yourself after that. Face CreamFoot CreamRelaxing Lavender LotionImmune Protective Blend LotionYou can buy all the supplies to make these on Powerline Health as well or contact me and [...]

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The Power of Silver

Silver Power - The "Power" of Colloidal Silver.See this article by our Friend Jerry PetermannAntibiotic Gloom and DoomOver and over we are told the world is ending for modern medicine regarding the fight against germs and viruses of every form. We now know people are dying in hospitals from flesh-eating bacteria and the elderly are [...]

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The Benefits of Iodine

Why is iodine so important? Iodine is one of the most important minerals required by the body for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Breast tissue, the uterus, the ovaries, the thyroid, the brain and the prostate depend on iodine. But typical intake levels for most people are not optimal.Foods that are rich in Iodine  Spinach Lentiles Kidney Beans Potatoes Oats Soybeans Swiss [...]

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Tea in the Morning - Tea in the Evening

Herbal Tea most any time! Yes, I've been a little pre-occupied with herbal teas lately and want to share with you some of my favorites: A morning tea and an evening teaI have spent a lot of time this week talking about teas but replacing other beverages in our life with non-caloric drinks can make life just [...]

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Matters of the HEART

Matters of the HEARTAre you looking for a natural solution so you don't have to go on Blood Pressure medicine? How about your Cholesterol - is it just a little on the hight side? We have some Kyolic Products you may want to look at:

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