iTOVi Scan

itoviscan.pngWe use the iTOVi scanner at the Rogersville office to help you determine what Essential Oil products will help you the most. 

We have 30 minute appointments available

Call to book an Appointment any time: 417-830-6365

There are 2 ways to get a discounts:

  1. We offer classes on Essential Oils throughout the month. If you attend a class we will give you a free iTOVi scan. 
  2. Become a team member with us or a wholesale buyer and get your iTOVi scans FREE as time allows. 

Learn More about an iTOVi Scan and Benefits: 


We are located at: 

24 Industry Road, 

Suite A5 Rogersville MO 65652 

Call us for class RSVP or more information: 417-830-6365

We like the iTOVi because it take some of the guess work out of know where to start with Essential Oils. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Here is a video of an actual iTOVi Scan session: