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Who We Are and What We Do

Powerline Health was born out of a desire to bring you Natural Health Solutions with Quality Supplements and NO fillers that are American Made Natural Remedies.


In the process, we realized helping you on your journey to better health was incredibly rewarding. Mostly, because we are passionate about Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyle choices.


As “Nurse Mary,” I want to be there for you, as a guide, while you search through a sea of nutritional supplements, information, and lifestyle choices. It can be confusing and overwhelming at times. I know, I was in the same spot in the past.

We consult with other doctors and practitioners about what is best, what things we should tune in to and what things we should run from. We especially like to work with BioMeridian Practitioners in the South-Western Missouri area. We have built our herbal knowledge and customer base with their help. 


Another person we feel is important to give credit to is Dr. Jerry Petermann, ND. He has helped us formulate many of our products for efficacy and safety and helps us ensure our products are processed in an FDA inspected facility. His partnership has been much appreciated as he has a wealth of knowledge that we can share with you about natural health and healing.  


We feel coming back to the basics, moving away from a medical model of “treating disease” and moving toward nature is where we find that perfect balance.  To us, this is the key to better health. We believe with the right nutrients and healthy lifestyle choices your body can heal itself.  Herbs, Supplements, Enzymes & Essential oils are an extension of healthy eating for living your best life possible. 


I really do believe (in Hebrews 6:7) that God put the herbs and plants on this earth for us to find and prepare.  


Probably my favorite way to help you in your day is with weekly emails and blog posts that we put together with you in mind. If you haven't subscribed yet you are certainly missing out. We also like to share special content and deals with our “insiders” group through email.


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