Our Amazon Favorites

Our Amazon Favorites

Posted by Nurse Mary on 5th Apr 2024

Here are a few of our Favorite Amazon links - Things we don't carry in our online store: 

Essiac Tea for cancer cells in the body

Liver Detox Tea a gentle detox for the liver - Drink each morning.

Mullein Leaf Tea 40 bags of tea. Good for the lungs

Fenbendazol 444mg used for parasites and abnormal cells

Hemp Seed Oil Cold press, Organic, Unrefined - 1TBSP 2x a day to lower Cholesterol

MCT Oil "Brain Octane" great to put in any kind of drink or salad dressing

Quinine 500mg caps used for respiratory defense

PreBiotic Fiber the perfect balance for your gut bacteria. 

Probiotics Colon Care Garden of Life (must be refrigerated)