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Posted by Nurse Mary on 12th May 2022

PriceCutter - Keeping it LOCAL

Keeping it LOCAL! 15 products in your local Springfield, MO Price Cutter stores

Herbs of Earth by Powerline Health

Available At W Price Cutter Locations:

- 2021 W Republic Road Springfield MO
- 3260 E Battlefield Road Springfield MO

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(Liquid) Herbal Tinctures

Bladder Strong Herbal Tincture used to Improve Bladder Tone
Bronchial Cough Syrup Herbal Glycerite used to ease Cough or Congestion
Joint & Muscle Herbal Tincture used for Joint or Muscle Strain
Lyme-Ex Herbal Tincture used for signs of Lyme's Disease
Lymph Assist Herbal Tincture used to assist Swollen or Lumpy Lymph Glands
UTI Herbal Tincture used for signs of Urinary Tract Infection
Virus & Parasite Herbal Tincture used to detox Viruses & Parasites
Wild Yam Herbal Tincture used for Female Issues

(Capsules) Herbal Supplements

Lion's Mane Plus Herbal Caps used to support the Brain & Aging Cells
Turmeric, Black Pepper with Ginger Herbal Caps used for Immune Health and Inflammation
Damiana Caps used to increase Libido
Essiac Plus Herbal Caps used for Free Radicals & Abnormal Cells
Kava Kava Herbal Caps used for Nerves, Stress & Sleep
Plaque Cleaner Herbal Caps used for Plaque in Arteries and on Teeth
Wild Yam & St. John Caps used for Hormone Balance & Mood

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