The "KING" of Oils

The "KING" of Oils

Posted by Nurse Mary on 2nd Aug 2021

Well, there are probably many reason but one that is important to my family and probably to yours as well is that is has so many, many uses.

I love to use Frankincense in my morning routine because it is amazing for the skin, with age fighting properties, and helps improve many kinds of blemishes to the skin.

doTERRA has a little video that may help you understand how to use Frankincense:

Here is my face cream recipe if that would help you:

Start with a 2oz jar and the doTERRA unscented lotion

  • 1 Tablespoon of Colloidal Silver
  • 8 drops of Frankincense
  • 8 drops of Myrrh

Stir together and use daily on your face. 

Frankincense is a relaxer if that makes sense. It is from a tree so it smells really nice too. I hope this helps you know some ways to use Frankincense.

If making your own face cream is not for you. You can get it here on our website: 

Face Cream

Face Cream