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Tuesday BOGO

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This is doTERRA BOGO week - each day there will be a buy 1 get 1 free product. If you have a doTERRA account simply go to doTERRA.com and order up to 6 of these bogo products. If you don't - we have an option for you - follow this link: Tuesday BOGO

Buy Peace Get Motivate FREE


3 Secrets to Digestive Health

Are you tired of feeling bloated or worse after eating certain meals? We have 3 secrets to digestive health you are going to want to hear about: 3 Secrets to Digestive Health

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Power Hour

Are you a follower of the Power Hour Radio Program? Are you looking for your favorite Time Challenger Product?We have all your favorites here at Powerline Health. Shop Time Challenger Lab Products. Jerry Petermann the scientist behind Time Challenger is often a guest on GCN live.com RadioYou can Tune in Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM CST - October 2017 to hear [...]

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FREE Detox Patch

We are offering a free box of detox patches to the next 10 people that mention it in the comments of their order. 

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Reishi Mushroom BOGO Sale

We have put our Reishi Mushroom product on sale while supplies last. Buy 1 Get 1

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Live Event

We are planning a live Zoom Class for the latter part of June. We have not set a date yet What day of the week is best for you? Evening or business hours? Be sure and email me: mary@powerlinehealth.com or drop me a text: 417-299-1157 If you plan to attend, new to essential oils and would like samples mailed [...]

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BOGO sale !!!

Buy 1 Get 1 of our Probio-T while supplies last. We had an overstock on this product and want to pass the savings back to you. 

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2 Locations

Some of you visit Evelyn Hammon in Springfield and need directions.  Some of you like to take a drive out to Rogersville and pick up product.  Here is a google map that shows both locations.

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Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Plus

Our number one best seller is Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium Plus Enzymesin a nutshell - these important minerals are made digestible by the plant enzymes included in the product. Here are some details: Primary IngredientsCalciumis a primary mineral needed to build strong bones and healthy teeth. It supports good muscle and heart contractions, as well as being responsible for proper nerve impulses.*Magnesiumis another [...]

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Cyber Monday SALE!

Free Shipping ALL Day on Cyber Monday!All regularly priced items 5% off when you use discount code: CyberPower 

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