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Cyber Monday SALE!

Free Shipping ALL Day on Cyber Monday!

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Diffuser Jewelry

Our 3 newest products would make great gift items for someone on your holiday list:

Time Challenger Holiday Sale

Time Challenger Sale

Now until Dec 31, 2016 all the Time Challenger products will be on SALE!

Buy 4 TimeChallenger’s and get one TimeChallenger FREE!!!!!! 

Buy 3 TimeChallenger’s and get one Zap! FREE 

Buy 2 TimeChallenger’s and get one Bite Not FREE 

This sale is for any combination of: Time Challenger Original, Time Challenger Arthritis Formula, Time Challenger Athletic Formula, Time Challenger Mineral Compliment & Time Challenger Diabetic Response. 

Colloidal Silver SALE!

sale.jpgNow selling Collodial Silver 16 oz for JUST ONE DOLLAR more that the 8oz!!!

Get your Time Challenger Colloidal Advantage Silver 16 oz Today!

Vitamin C-Complex SALE! BUY 1 Get ONE FREE!!!

Vitamin C Complex

High Energy C-Complex is on SALE!

Buy 1 bottle and we'll send you a 2nd bottle FREE!

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We over stocked this product - so this is a - While Supplies last sale

Just what is needed with the cold weather setting in. This is a great Vitamin C product properly Buffered and balanced & uses Sustained release delivery. 

This Vitamin C is from natural sources of Rose Hips, Lemon Bioflavonoids. 

Get yours TODAY

Details: Place 2 C-Complex in your cart at checkout use the coupon code for for a discount of $23.40 off your order: get1Cfree

Healthy Weight Loss Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

P.D.Q Healthy Weight Loss

We have a promo while supplies last - Buy one PDQ! Healthy Weight Loss and get the 2nd one FREE!

At Checkout use this coupon code: get1PDQfree

Details: Place 2 PDQ wt Loss in your cart and at checkout use this the coupon code for $35 off your order: get1PDQfree

While Supplies last

Time Challenger

To our devoted customers a message to let you know Time Challenger is back in stock. We have a full stock ready to be purchased!

What is a Zyto Scan?

zytoscanner.jpgZYTO technology relies upon an array of biocommunication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically ask your body questions and then analyze your body’s specific responses.

For Essential Oils the Zyto Scanner measures 76 markers

The ZYTO Scan relies on galvanic skin response (GSR) – an established technology that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. One familiar application of GSR is lie detector testing.

The ZYTO Hand Cradle measures the user’s galvanic skin response and sends that data directly to the ZYTO software for analysis.

Each Virtual Stimulus Item represents a different physical item. Every time the software introduces a VSI a corresponding GSR reading is taken by the Hand Cradle. Each new response is measured and tracked in comparison to the GSR baseline reading.

An easy-to-read report is generated that displays a ranking of the VSIs that resulted in greater biological preference. The report can then be used to assist individuals as they make choices to maintain health and wellness.

Schedule your: Zyto Scan today

The Power of Olive Oil Extract

Olive Power

We have the new and improved Olive Oil Extract product. Take a look - Olive oil has many health benefits and most noted is it's ability to strenghten the body and fortify your immune system. 

Learn more and get your own today: Olive Power


Designed to nutritionally support healthy gut microflora which can become compromised by diet, illness, medications, stress, and toxins. It is a unique combination of probiotic supporting ingredients as well as five scientifically supported probiotic strains.

  • Contains lactoferrin which supports the growth of healthy bacteria*
  • Designed to help support digestion*
  • Supports a healthy immune system* 
  • Helps restore gut microflora compromised by antibiotic use* 
  • Supportive of healthy lipid levels*

There are many probiotic products on the market today, but Probio-T is uniquely targets the concerns of people who want to maintain metabolic balance. It is formulated with a minimum of 10 billion CFU’s of live bacteria per dose which is recommended by most researchers. The probiotics were selected for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects as well as their stability on the shelf and in the gastrointestinal system. In addition, the probiotics selected support healthy lipid levels.

To get the maximum benefit from the probiotics, the formula contains lactoferrin, inulin and glutathione. All three of these are supportive of probiotics in by different mechanisms. In addition to their support of the probiotics, they also have their own unique nutritional benefits in relation to metabolic support.

Get your own: Probio-T

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.